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Master solutions by master keys for locksmithing in Newport News

We here at Newport News Locksmiths think Master keys were the greatest thing since sliced bread to enter the Newport News locksmithing profession. There was a single key made up so that it would open numerous doors. Landlords could open the doors to all of their apartments without needing to go through hundreds of keys, businesses could restrict access to various areas, and more. Newport News Locksmith picked up on this new idea and trend to maximize it’s use.

Newport News Locksmith use master keys that is designed as a cylindrical lock. It uses a bolt and spring to open and close the lock. Newport News Locksmith first used the master key’s when they were simply advanced pin and tumbler styled keys, but now Newport News Locksmith prefer the advancement of the cylindrical lock.

A master key that a Newport News Locksmith would use is put into a lock with pins inside of it, derived from a mathematical algorithm. Without a key in the lock, the bottom pins are hidden and the top pins are set at half way. When a key is inserted by you or Newport News Locksmith the pins are pressed up and down in a pattern. If it matches, the door opens. A master key has an extra pin, called the wafer pin. Newport News Locksmith make master key’s with this wafer pin which raises all of the pins inside the lock, creating a gap and allowing the Newport News Locksmith access. This is one way to do it, Newport News Locksmith offer other techniques, but these are the basics.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a master key. If Newport News Locksmith has a master key, it’s in good hands and shouldn’t be used maliciously. Professionals at Newport News Locksmith will keep all master keys to themselves and never, ever, distribute a copy to anybody but the building landlord, for example. Newport News Locksmith say the main advantage to having a master key made up by Newport News Locksmith is that it allows only certain people into certain parts of the building without requiring a handful of keys.