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Newport News Locksmith Installation of Panic Bars and Fire Exit Devices
Every public building will have one of these, a panic bar or a fire exit device, installed by a Newport News Locksmith or fire department. A crash bar is a lever tumbler lock for unlocking a door in an emergency. A Newport News Locksmith technician will install a mechanism consisting of a spring loaded metal bar connected to the inside of an outward facing door. When the lever is pushed, the mechanism unlatches the door allowing everybody to quickly leave the building, and may also set an alarm off, to the fire department, or to Newport News Locksmith. This is a very popular job for Newport News Locksmith as all business buildings are required to have at least one emergency exit.

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Before the year 2000, most countries had building regulations requiring a Newport News Locksmith to install fire or emergency exits, for the Newport News Locksmith to fit a crash bar to outward facing doors (or have special outward facing doors installed) because they are proven to save lives in an emergency, especially if there is a human stampede, which can happen in a panic, such as a fire or explosion.

The Newport News Locksmith installed emergency exit sets off an alarm and allows people to pass through the various Newport News Locksmith made security doors, as there should be more than one, without reducing their speed. It is a fast acting mechanism that doesn’t require a key, it is made to unlock by Newport News Locksmith when it is pressed in, triggering emergency alarms and dispatchers such as 911 and Newport News Locksmith.

All emergency exit doors must have a professionally installed, by Newport News Locksmith, crash bar. For security reasons, the technician at Newport News Locksmith must make sure the door cannot be opened from the outside, but a handle can be put on the outside allowing the door to be latched open in case of an emergency, to get people out faster.

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A crash bar is a relatively simple thing for a qualified Newport News Locksmith to install. It is just a pin and tumbler lock with no key. A Newport News Locksmith can’t use a key for this style of lock, because it is not meant to keep people out, it is meant to help get people out in case of emergency such as fire or flooding. Newport News Locksmith locksmiths are trained in installation and maintenance of these bars and must run tests on them as often as specified by their states fire/exit codes.

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Installation, when done by a pro at Newport News Locksmith should take a short amount of time and cost very little. It is law, so they must be installed in commercial and apartment buildings, to start. A Newport News Locksmith must inspect the building and create a map of where to put the crash bars. They Newport News Locksmith must also hook up lights indicating there is an emergency in other parts of the building even if there is an alarm going off. Newport News Locksmith must upkeep and maintains all locks.